"Victorian Health & Wellness" — 2018 Conference Registration

The registration fee for the conference is $185 for faculty, and $150 for graduate students, adjuncts, and independent scholars. To register, use the PayPal feature below to select the appropriate rate and complete the transaction online. Attendees are kindly asked to become members when registering ($40 for faculty, $30 for graduate students, adjuncts, and independent scholars). The registration fee covers all conference events.

                                         — Select a conference rate 
                                           Faculty ($185 fee + $40 membership) | $225.00 USD Grad/Adjunct ($150 fee + $30 membership) | $180.00 USD Faculty registration only (for current members) | $185.00 USD Grad/Adjunct registration only (for current members) | $150.00 USD 

Any local visitors (within 50 miles of St. Louis) attending the conference who will not present a paper are eligible for a reduced registration fee: $125 for faculty, and $115 for graduate students, adjuncts, and independent scholars. Use the PayPal menu below to register as a local participant.

— Select a local rate 
Faculty Visitor | $125.00 USD Grad/Adjunct Visitor | $115.00 USD

Tax-deductible donations help support the future of MVSA by ensuring that our annual conference remains affordable for scholars and students committed to the study of the Victorian period. Donations also contribute to the Jane Stedman Plenary Lecture and the annual Burgan Prize for Outstanding Presentation by a Graduate Student. If you would like to make a donation to MVSA, click the PayPal button below and follow the prompts.

— Make a donation 

If you would prefer to send any registration payments or donations via check, please complete and submit this form.

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