Current Officers and Board Members

Andrea Kaston Tange — President | 2022-present
Professor of English, Macalester College

Research Interests: 19th-century British travel, empire, and childhoods; periodical culture; pedagogy and race; public humanities; state of the profession

Selected Publications: “Travel Writing,” Routledge Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture (forthcoming); “Addressing Campus Violence Online and in Your Classrooms” (Profession, 2019); “Fashioning the Spectacle of Japan: Isabella Bird and the Periodical Press,” The Edinburgh History of Victorian Women’s Print Media, 1830-1900 (Edinburgh, 2019); “Maternity Betrayed: Circulating Images of English Motherhood in India, 1857-1858” (Nineteenth-Century Contexts, 2013); Editor, Children and Empire, 4 Vols. (Routledge, 2012); Architectural Identities: Domesticity, Literature, and the Victorian Middle Classes (Toronto, 2010)

Laura Fiss — Vice President and President-Elect | 2022-present
Associate Teaching Professor in the Pavlis Honors College, Michigan Technological University

Research interests: Victorian and early-twentieth-century British literature and culture; humor; music; book history, print culture (periodicals, sheet music), and reception history; reflection and engineering education

Selected publications: The Idler’s Club: Humour and Mass Readership from Jerome K. Jerome to P. G. Wodehouse (Edinburgh University Press, 2023); “Out With It, as the Subeditor Said to the Novel: Wellerisms and the Humor of Excerption” (Victorian Periodicals Review 2017); “Pushing at the Boundaries of the Book: Humor, Mediation and Distance in Carroll, Thackeray, and Stevenson” The Lion and the Unicorn 2014); “‘This Particularly Rapid, Unintelligible Patter’: Patter Songs and the Word-Music Relationship” (The Cambridge Companion to Gilbert and Sullivan, 2009)

Bill Meier — Executive Secretary | 2017-present
Assistant Professor of History, Texas Christian University

Research Interests: Modern Britain, Ireland, and the British Empire; the history of crime and disorder

Selected Publications: Property Crime in London, 1850-Present (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011)

John McBratney — Treasurer | 2019-present
Professor of English, John Carroll University

Research Interests: Victorian literature; British imperial literature; cosmopolitanism; race

Selected Publications: “Reluctant Cosmopolitanism in Dickens’s Great Expectations” (Victorian Literature and Culture, 2010); Imperial Subjects, Imperial Space: Rudyard Kipling’s Fiction of the Native-Born (Ohio State, 2002)

Elizabeth H. Chang — Executive Board | 2015-present
Associate Professor of English, University of Missouri–Columbia

Research Interests: 19th-century British literature; literature of the British Empire; visual culture

Selected Publications: Britain’s Chinese Eye: Literature, Empire and Aesthetics in the Nineteenth Century (Stanford, 2010); British Travel Writing From China, 1793-1901 (Pickering & Chatto, 2009)

Sara Loy — Executive Board | 2022-present
PhD Candidate and Associate Instructor, English, Indiana University–Bloomington

Research Interests: 19th-century constructions of childhood; Victorian children’s literature; the Gothic; feminist rhetorics; pedagogy

Christopher J. Ferguson — Executive Board | 2022-present
Associate Professor of History, Auburn University

Research Interests: Perceptions of the city and urban life in Britain 18th-20th centuries; 19th-century sonic landscape

Selected Publications: An Artisan Intellectual: James Carter and the Rise of Modern Britain, 1792-1853 (Louisiana State University Press, 2016); “The Urbanization of James Carter: Autobiography, Migration, and the Urban-Rural Divide in Nineteenth-Century Britain,” Rural-Urban Relationships in the Nineteenth Century (Routledge, 2016); “The Political Economy of the Street and Its Discontents: Beggars and Pedestrians in Mid-Nineteenth-Century London” (Cultural and Social History, 2015); “A Micrometer for Empire: How a Nineteenth-Century Tailor was – and was not – an Absent-Minded Imperialist” (History, 2015)

Mary-Catherine Harrison — Executive Board | 2013-present
Associate Professor of English, University of Detroit Mercy

Research Interests: Victorian fiction and poetry; literature and ethics; narrative empathy; psychology of reading

Selected Publications: “How Narrative Relationships Overcome Empathic Biases: Elizabeth Gaskell’s Empathy Across Social Difference” (Poetics Today, 2012); “The Paradox of Fiction and the Ethics of Empathy: Reconceiving Dickens’s Realism” (Narrative, 2008)

Charles McGuire — Executive Board | 2013-present
Professor of Musicology, Oberlin College & Conservatory

Research Interests: The British music festival; sight-singing techniques; the intersection of choral singing and moral reform movements

Selected Publications: Co-author with Steven E. Plank of Historical Dictionary of English Music, ca. 1400-1958 (Scarecrow, 2011); Music and Victorian Philanthropy: The Tonic Sol-fa Movement (Cambridge, 2009); Elgar’s Oratorios: The Creation of an Epic Narrative (Ashgate, 2002)

Ellen L. O’Brien — Executive Board | 2015-present
Associate Professor, English, Roosevelt University

Research Interests: Victorian poetry; broadsides and print culture; crime and punishment; gender politics and feminist representations; Irish studies

Selected Publications: Crime in Verse: the Poetics of Murder in the Victorian Era (Ohio State, 2008)

Anne Stapleton — Executive Board | 2017-present
Associate Professor of Instruction, English, University of Iowa

Research Interests: Literature and culture of 19th-century Scotland; dance; Victorian fiction and medical narratives; women’s writing

Selected Publications: Digital Humanities project, Under the Banner of Waverley (University of Iowa Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio, launched 2017); Pointed Encounters: Dance in Post-Culloden Scottish Literature (Brill | Rodopi, 2014)

Doreen Thierauf — Executive Board | 2021-present
Assistant Professor of English, North Carolina Wesleyan College

Research Interests: Victorian women’s writing; sexuality; gender-based violence; romance

Selected Publications: “Rescuing the Magdalen: Aurora Leigh as Reform Worker” (Women’s Writing, 2020); “Guns and Blood: Reading The Tenant of Wildfell Hall in the Age of #MeToo” (Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies, 2020); “Tending to Old Stories: Daniel Deronda and Hysteria, Revisited” (Victorian Literature and Culture, 2018); “Daniel Deronda, Marital Rape, and the End of Reproduction” (Victorian Review, 2017); “The Hidden Abortion Plot in George Eliot’s Middlemarch” (Victorian Studies, 2014)

Phyllis Weliver — Executive Board | 2019-present
Professor of English, Saint Louis University

Research Interests: Victorian literature and culture; music and literature; women’s studies; digital humanities

Selected Publications: Mary Gladstone and the Victorian Salon: Music, Literature, Liberalism (Cambridge, 2017); The Musical Crowd in English Fiction, 1840–1910: Class, Culture and Nation (Palgrave Macmillan, 2006); Women Musicians in Victorian Fiction, 1860–1900: Representations of Music, Science and Gender in the Leisured Home (Ashgate, 2000; Routledge, 2016). Editor, The Figure of Music in Nineteenth-Century British Poetry (Ashgate, 2000; Routledge, 2016); Co-editor, Words and Notes in the Long Nineteenth Century (Boydell & Brewer, 2013). Digital Humanities: Founder and Co-director, Sounding Victorian; Co-founder and Co-director, Tennyson’s Archive: Digitising the Work of the Tennysons, Plural; PI, Sounding Tennyson; Co-PI, Tennyson (Cambridge Digital Library)

Lindsay Wells — Executive Board | 2021-present
Postdoctoral Fellow, Art History, UCLA’s William Andrews Clark Memorial Library

Research Interests:  British visual culture; art and empire; environmental humanities; horticulture; critical plant studies

Selected Publications:  “Vegetal Bedfellows: Houseplant Superstitions and Environmental Thought in Nineteenth-Century Periodicals” (Victorian Periodicals Review, 2021); “Proserpina Unbound: John Ruskin, Maria La Touche, and Victorian Floriculture” (Victorian Literature and Culture, 2020); “Horticulture” (The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Victorian Women’s Writing, 2020); “Close Encounters of the Wardian Kind: Terrariums and Pollution in the Victorian Parlor” (Victorian Studies, 2018).

Cheryl A. Wilson — Executive Board | 2019-present
Professor of English, Stevenson University

Research Interests: 19th-century fiction and poetry; women’s writing; dance; performance studies; book history; critical studies in higher education

Selected Publications: Fashioning the Silver Fork Novel (Pickering & Chatto, 2012); Literature and Dance in Nineteenth-Century Britain: Jane Austen to the New Woman (Cambridge, 2009); Co-author with Laura Koppes Bryan, Shaping Work-Life Culture in Higher Education (Routledge, 2015); Editor, Byron: Heritage and Legacy (Palgrave, 2008); Co-editor with Margaret D. Stetz, Michael Field and Their World (Rivendale, 2007)

Christina Bashford — Senior Advisory Board | 2022-present
Professor of Musicology, University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign

Research Interests: Victorian musical life and its commerce; concert history, audiences, listening, and music appreciation (especially in London); the Christmas carol in Victorian Cornwall; the culture around the violin; working-class music-making

Selected Publications: author of Violin Culture in Britain, 1870-1930: Music-Making, Society, and the Popularity of Stringed Instruments (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming); co-editor of The Idea of Art Music in a Commercial World, 1800-1930 (Boydell, 2016); author of The Pursuit of High Culture: John Ella and Chamber Music in Victorian London (Boydell, 2007); co-editor of Music and British Culture, 1785-1914: Essays in Honour of Cyril Ehrlich (Oxford, 2000)

Florence Boos — Senior Advisory Board | 2015-present
Professor of English, University of Iowa

Research Interests: Victorian poetry; William Morris and the Pre-Raphaelites; working-class literature

Selected Publications: History and Poetics in the Early Writings of William Morris (Ohio State, 2015); Working-Class Women Poets of Victorian Britain: An Anthology (Broadview, 2008); The Design of the Earthly Paradise (Edwin Mellen, 1990); Dante Gabriel Rossetti: A Critical Source Study (Mouton, 1976); Editor of William Morris Archive

Patrick Brantlinger — Senior Advisory Board | 2015-present
James Rudy Professor Emeritus, English, Indiana University–Bloomington

Research Interests: Race and empire; postcolonial studies; cultural studies

Selected Publications: States of Emergency: Essays on Culture and Politics (Indiana, 2013); Taming Cannibals: Race and the Victorians (Cornell, 2011); Victorian Literature and Postcolonial Studies (Edinburgh, 2010); Dark Vanishings: Discourse on the Extinction of Primitive Races (Cornell, 2003); The Reading Lesson: Mass Literacy as Threat in British Fiction (Indiana, 1998); Crusoe’s Footprints: Cultural Studies in Britain and America (Routledge, 1990); Rule of Darkness: British Literature and Imperialism, 1830-1914 (Cornell, 1988)

Alisa Clapp-Itnyre — Senior Advisory Board | 2015-present
Professor of English, Indiana University East

Research Interests: Victorian literature and music; Victorian children’s hymns

Selected Publications: British Hymn Books for Children, 1800-1900: Re-Tuning the History of Childhood (Ashgate, 2016); Angelic Airs, Subversive Songs: Music as Social Discourse in the Victorian Novel (Ohio, 2002)

Micael Clarke — Senior Advisory Board | 2015-present
Associate Professor, English, Loyola University

Research Interests: the Victorian novel; religion and literature; secularism; gender studies; William Makepeace Thackeray; Charlotte and Emily Brontë

Selected Publications: Thackeray and Women (Northern Illinois, 1995)

Julie Codell — Senior Advisory Board | 2015-present
Professor, Art History, Arizona State University

Research Interests: Victorian visual culture and the Victorian press; Indian culture under the British Raj; life writings in Britain and India (autobiographies and biographies)

Selected Publications: The Victorian Artist: Artists’ Life Writings in Britain, 1870-1910 (Cambridge, 2003; rev. ed. ppr. 2012). Edited collections — The Political Economy of Art (Fairleigh Dickinson, 2008); Power and Resistance: The Delhi Coronation Durbars (Mapin, 2012); Transculturation in British Art, 1770-1930 (Ashgate, 2012); Imperial Co-Histories (Fairleigh Dickinson, 2003). Co-editor with L. Hughes, Replication in the Long 19th Century: Re-makings and Reproductions (Edinburgh, 2018); with J. DelPlato, Orientalism, Eroticism, and Modern Visuality in Global Culture (Ashgate, 2016); with L. Brake, Encounters in the Victorian Press (Palgrave, 2004); with D. S. Macleod, Orientalism Transposed (Ashgate, 1998)

Cynthia Huff — Senior Advisory Board | 2015-present
Professor of English, Illinois State University

Research Interests: Victorian culture, history, and science; women’s writing; life writing

Selected Publications: Editor of Women’s Life Writing and Imagined Communities (Routledge, 2005); Co-editor of Inscribing the Daily: Critical Essays on Women’s Diaries (Massachusetts, 1996)

Linda K. Hughes — Senior Advisory Board | 2015-present
Addie Levy Professor of Literature, Texas Christian University

Research Interests: Victorian literature and culture with special interests in historical media studies (including poetry and print culture, periodicals, and serial fiction); gender and women’s studies; transnationality

Selected Publications: The Cambridge Introduction to Victorian Poetry (Cambridge, 2010); Graham R.: Rosamund Marriott Watson, Woman of Letters (Ohio, 2005); The Manyfacèd Glass: Tennyson’s Dramatic Monologues (Ohio, 1987). Co-author with Michael Lund, Victorian Publishing and Mrs. Gaskell’s Work (Virginia, 1999) and The Victorian Serial (Virginia, 1991). Editor, Novellas and Shorter Fiction: Cousin Phillis and other Tales from All the Year Round and the Cornhill Magazine, 1859–64, Vol. 4, Works of Elizabeth Gaskell (Pickering & Chatto, 2006). Co-editor, Teaching Transatlanticism: Resources for Teaching Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Print Culture (Edinburgh, 2015); A Feminist Reader: Feminist Thought from Sappho to Satrapi (Cambridge, 2013)

Lawrence Poston — Senior Advisory Board | 2015-present
Professor Emeritus, English, University of Illinois–Chicago

Research Interests: Religion in 19th-century Britain; late-Victorian musical culture

Selected Publications: The Antagonist Principle: John Henry Newman and the Paradox of Personality (Virginia, 2014)

Tom Prasch — Senior Advisory Board | 2015-present
Professor of History, Washburn University

Research Interests: Victorian and post-colonial history

Selected Publications: “Ethnicity as Marker in Henry Mayhew’s London Labour and the London Poor,” Fear, Loathing, and Victorian Xenophobia (Ohio State, 2013); “‘A Strange Incongruity’: The Imaginary India of the International Exhibitions” (Nineteenth-Century Contexts, 2012)

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