“Victorian Health and Wellness” — 2018 Conference Registration

Nota bene: The PayPal buttons on this page have been deactivated to prevent visitors from registering for an out-of-date conference. To view the current conference rates, please visit the Conference page.

  • Faculty ($185 Fee + $40 membership) | $225.00 USD
  • Grad/Adjunct ($150 Fee + $30 membership) | $180.00 USD
  • Faculty registration only (for current members) | $185.00 USD
  • Grad/Adjunct registration only (for current members) | $150.00 USD

Any local visitors (within 50 miles of St. Louis) attending the conference who will not present a paper are eligible for a reduced registration fee: $125 for faculty, and $115 for graduate students, adjuncts, and independent scholars. Use the PayPal menu below to register as a local participant.

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  • Faculty Visitor | $125.00 USD
  • Grad/Adjunct Visitor | $115.00 USD

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If you would prefer to send any registration payments or donations via check, please complete and submit this form.