The Midwest Victorian Studies Association announces the Nineteenth Annual Walter L. Arnstein Prize For Dissertation Research in Victorian Studies, a prize of $1,500 for dissertation research in British Victorian Studies undertaken by a student currently enrolled in a doctoral program in a U.S. or Canadian university. Proposals may be submitted in literature, history, art history, or musicology but should have a significant interdisciplinary component that will render them of interest to scholars studying Victorian Britain across a range of disciplines, approaches, and subfields.
2011 Arnstein Prize winner Anna Stenson of the University of Iowa with Walter L. Arnstein
Previous Arnstein Award winners:
Anne Helmreich (Art History), Northwestern University
1993: Martha Stoddard Holmes (English), University of Colorado
1994: Brenda J. Assael (History), University of Toronto
1995: William R. McKelvey (English), University of Virginia
1996: Susan Paton Pyecraft (History), Central Michigan University
1997: Nadja Durbach (History), Johns Hopkins University
1998: Lydia Murdoch (History), Indiana University
1999: Kristin Brandser (English), University of Iowa
2000: Elizabeth MacLeod Walls (English), Texas Christian University
2001: Amy Woodson-Boulton (History), UCLA
2002: Narisara Murray (History & Philosophy of Social Science), Indiana University
2003: Debra Gettelman (English), Harvard University
2004: Anna Henchman (English), Harvard University
Robert Bell (English), McMaster University
2006: Danielle L. Coriale (English), Brandeis University
2007: Christopher Ferguson (History), Indiana University
2008: Kevin Morrison (English), Rice University
2009: Joseph Steubenrauch (History), Indiana University
2010: Karen Laird (English), University of Missouri-Columbia
2011: Anna Stenson (English), University of Iowa
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Applicants must submit the cover sheet, a statement on their research, a current CV, and two letters of reference. MVSA reserves the right not to make an award in a given year if, in the opinion of reviewers, submissions do not justify it.
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